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Members love it

With Freeplay I take my kids to free daycare at Move Fitness during my workout, then the Ninja gym or swimming pool for them!


South Jordan, UT
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"The app is easy to use and has introduced me to so many fitness options in my community. They make you feel comfortable and excited about trying new things!!"


Lehi, UT
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I used to just lift weights but would end up injured all the time. Now with Freeplay, I add in hot yoga and swimming and HIIT and have never felt more flexible, injury resistant, and strong to boot!


Salt lake city, UT
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Where can I use Freeplay?

You can check in at any of our over 80 partner gyms across Utah. Check out our map to find the gyms nearest you.

Do you offer group discounts for me and my friends?

Yes, we do! Get together a group of up to five of your friends and family (6 total people) and you'll each save up to $25 a month. ($5 monthly savings per person that joins your group.) That's $150 more per month for your whole group.  Email for help setting up your group account.

I own or work for a gym, how would we become a partner gym?

We love our partner gyms and Freeplay can do great things for you. Please reach out to us at for further details on becoming our new partner!

Do ya'll offer corporate accounts?

Yes we do! Our corporate accounts start at 20 employees at an even larger discount. If your company is interested, please reach out to for more details.

I didn't get my 14-day free trial, what should I do?

Please keep in mind that free trials are for new users only. If you’ve had an account in the past, it won’t work. But if you feel there was an error please reach out to our support team at for help.

My check-in didn't work. What can I do?

We're sorry you're having trouble! Make sure you have good cell reception and try restarting your phone and/or app. If that still doesn't work, reach out to us at and we'll be happy to help.

What's the difference between elite and limited Freeplay gyms?

Elite gyms allow unlimited Freeplay check-ins per month while a small percentage of our gyms are limited, meaning they limit the number of times you can check-in per month, but not Elite gyms.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We're sorry to see you go! You can cancel by managing your subscription within the app.

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